JAN NORN: We live in Crescent Valley in the West Kootenays, a sunny spot, close to the Slocan River (B.C., Canada).






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  1. Hi Jan, I have No web as yet. We do share a very common interest. I sell healthy products, from Watkins, it is plant based use as Remedies, used in foods, (Cooking, Baking etc.) Personal care and Cleaning products. I am a Watkins Consultant. #378752.(I used atkins Products since 1958) My company is EKH Healthy Products, I grow on my 1/4 acre lot in Victoria BC Herbs: Oregano, Rosemary, Basil, Garlic etc. which I sell both fresh in season, also dried ones. I also sell at the Sunday Market Feb to Dec, Indoor and outdoor plants, as they mature or when in season. I am presently embarking on translating my grandfathers herbal medicine book. He was a Herbal Pharmacist. Regards to Crystal Garden Products. I take both coloured ones and clear ones, any size type. You asked me to write you, so ere it is. I sent you an e-mail it appears, that you perhaps did not receive it or went to your spam mail, from, or Please advise what you have and cost for the Hydroponic crystals. Regards, Evalon 250 217-8480. ( a Grandmother 4x to 1-7 year olds)

    • admin says:

      You are a busy and creative lady, Evalon. I will email you. Good luck with your garden and your projects.

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